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"Amazing product that all my patients love! Would highly recommend OrthoSole from a medical perspective. Great product for great patient care"


"I work on my feet in a physical job and work 12 hour shifts. – I can confidently say that the max cushion insoles from OrthoSole are worth every single penny!!"


“These insoles are amazing, I’ve only been using them for a week and the pain in my feet is subsiding, Highly recommended. I will be getting more!”


”Since putting OrthoSoles’ in my shoes my feet no longer hurt and they provide comfort all day long! Definitely recommend this product!”


“Recently switched to these from my previous orthotics. No regrets, massive thanks to my Physiotherapist for recommending them. Wouldn’t be without these now!”


"My sports injury masseuse said it would only take a miracle for me to run in the marathon with my Plantar Fasciitis – well I did, thanks to the OrthoSole! Thank you so much for your help!”


“Fabulous product! I bought a pair of Lite Style Insoles for my pull-on boots and found them amazing. No Pain in my back, ankles or knees when walking or standing"

"OrthoSole is a fantastic product. I have not had any back pain since I stated using them. Highly recommended!”


"I came across OrthoSole and got in touch and their brilliant team helped me find the right insoles for me and 2 months on I have no Shin Splints. Problem Solved!! Would Recommend to anyone”


"I tried many things and then found OrthoSole – custom fitted insoles that fit my feet perfectly – now I use them in my trainers, boots, heels and even my ski boots!”


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Welcome to OrthoSole

OrthoSole insoles provide the perfect fit, just for you. Our patented system of self-customisable arch and metatarsal pieces gives you a support combination to let you adapt your OrthoSole products to match your foot, body and lifestyle.

Like you, we know what it’s like to have experienced musculoskeletal pain. We know how frustrating it is to have a lifestyle that’s been cramped by back, foot or leg pain.

Our Co-founder, Ex England cricketer Ronnie Irani set out do develop a fully self-customisable product for optimal comfort fit, and performance at an affordable price.

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The Benefits of OrthoSole Insoles

Our self-customisable insoles have been specifically developed to help alleviate discomfort in your feet that has arisen as a general wellbeing bio-mechanical factor or the possibility of an inappropriate arch or metatarsal support. OrthoSole insoles are highly effective at lessening the symptoms of a number of conditions, including:

  • Foot Fatigue
  • General Foot and Ankle Pain
  • Heel Pain
  • Back Pain
  • Knee Pain
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Hip Pain
  • Shin Splints
  • Overpronation
  • Circulation Issues in Feet

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