The Benefits of Our Insoles

Insoles are typically designed to improve the fit of your shoes – but the intelligent orthotic solutions from OrthoSole take this concept one step further.

Unlike many other shoe inserts, our patented products provide you with a custom-fitting support system to optimize your insole’s unique cushion and support. All of our products can be fully adjusted to deliver a specific level of support for your foot arch and metatarsal bones by you selecting the firmest arch and metatarsal pieces that are most comfortable to you.

The benefits of our insoles stretch far beyond simply improving your posture and ensuring a comfortable fit. As well as easing heel impact, stabilising the ankle joints and relieving pressure points during movement, the unique shape and fabric of our OrthoSole insoles will also help keep your feet cool, dry and free from odour.

How can OrthoSole help me?

Regular use of OrthoSole’s innovative products can result in improvements in all the following areas:

Foot Fatigue

The OrthoSole design of support and comfort will help with foot fatigue, working to reduce swelling, aches, cramps and generalised pain in the lower body.

Knee Pain

Improved foot positioning will improve knee alignment and will help reduce knee pain.

Back Pain

The combination of OrthoSole’s adjustable support system and cushioning materials work together to evenly distribute body weight and help reduce stress and shock to the lower back.

Foot Pain

Pain and pressure under the metatarsal bones, which are found in the middle of the feet, will be reduced by the support of discreet metatarsal pads.

Ankle Pain

Improved foot positioning improves ankle alignment, which in turn helps reduce ankle pain.

Heel Pain

OrthoSole’s triple heel cushioning layer helps to protect the heel, reducing heel stress and pain.

Plantar Fasciitis/Policeman’s Heel

The arch pad within our insoles will improve support to the arch of the foot for a better foothold, resulting in a noticeable reduction in pain as a result of plantar fasciitis. The firmest arch piece is recommended for those who suffer from this condition, but it must feel comfortable. You can learn more about the benefits of insoles for plantar fasciitis here.

Hip Pain

Improved foot positioning improves hip alignment, which helps reduces hip pain.

Shin Splints

By aligning your foot into its optimal position and providing improved cushioning, OrthoSole reduces the excessive traction forces that cause pain and inflammation in the shin area. Take a break from heavy activity if you have shin splints and start again with OrthoSole’s shoe inserts to feel the difference!


The arch pad increases support to the arch of the foot, improving overall foot stability.

Supination (Under-pronation)

The heel chassis will help support under-pronation as the foot rolls out during the gait cycle.

Circulation Issues in the Feet

The improved pressure distribution will increase blood circulation in the feet and the lower body.