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Everything you need to know about our High Heel pads

What you need to know about our High Heel pads Sick of sacrificing comfort over style? Thanks to our new high heel pads, it really is possible to put your best foot forward without the pain often associated with wearing high shoes.  Read on to learn more about the risk factors of wearing high heels. […]

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Why OrthoSole insoles are great investment for sports lovers

If you’re an active kind of guy or girl, chances are you’ve succumbed to a sports-related injury at some point. Sometimes, twists and sprains are par for the course – if you’re prone to tackling your opponents during football matches, for example, you can expect to leave the game with more than a graze from […]

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What is ESD – and how can it affect you?

What is ESD? ESD stands for electrostatic discharge. It’s defined as the sudden flow or transfer of electricity between two electrically charged objects, often caused by direct contact and separation of people and materials and induction of charge by merely having charged materials or people within close vicinity of each other. On a day to […]

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Which stress-busting remedy got our vote?

At the start of the year, the OrthoSole team committed to trying out a range of stress relief methods. The aim of the experiment was to see if incorporating just one new habit into their daily routine could have a noticeable effect on their physical and mental wellbeing – and help them better combat the […]

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OrthoSole for cricketers: how our insoles can support professionals and hobbyists

The idea for OrthoSole was developed back in the mid-1990s by international cricketer Ronnie Irani.  Ronnie was playing professionally for Essex and England, and his career was at its peak – but, like many athletes, he was struggling with recurring injuries from the sport. At the time, there was very little on the market to […]

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How to avoid some of the most common golfing injuries

It doesn’t matter if you’re a keen beginner or a seasoned pro – every golfer is prone to injury at some point in their golfing career. The five most common complaints amongst golf enthusiasts are: Back pain Elbow tenditis Shoulder pain Knee pain Wrist sprains What causes these kinds of golfing injuries? Poor swing mechanics […]

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The 5 top stress remedies – soon to be tested by the OrthoSole team

Stress is something that affects everybody. A little bit of stress can actually be good for you. It can keep you focused, alert, and it can temporarily improve your memory and performance. On the flip side, chronic stress leads to increased levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, which is produced by our adrenal glands when […]

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Work Pressures Are Taking Their Toll On the UK

Work is the most common cause of stress for adults here in the UK. According to the results of a recent report by Perkbox, 59% of us experience workplace-related stress on a regular basis, while nearly a fifth of survey respondents say they encounter moderate to high levels of stress in this area of their […]

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London Marathon runners take note: OrthoSole insoles can provide unrivalled support before, during and after the event!

There are two types of people: those who are starting to relax their training regimes in favour of a sherry-filled festive season, and those who are ramping up their fitness programmes to compensate for all that extra calorie-guzzling that tends to take place over the Christmas holidays. But those who won a spot in 2020’s […]

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How much sugar are you really eating?

Once the Christmas season has been and gone, most of us will be tutting exasperatedly at our swollen tummies and vowing to lose a few pounds in the New Year. The importance of following a healthy diet and keeping our weight in check goes well beyond fitting into our favourite jeans, though. As we all […]

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