Everything you need to know about our High Heel pads


What you need to know about our High Heel pads

Sick of sacrificing comfort over style?

Thanks to our new high heel pads, it really is possible to put your best foot forward without the pain often associated with wearing high shoes. 

Read on to learn more about the risk factors of wearing high heels. How the latest products from OrthoSole can help to keep your body pain-free and in better balance.

The problem with high heels

If you’ve ever been crippled by sore, aching, tingling feet towards the end of a night out? You’ll know just how bittersweet wearing high heels can be. 

On the one hand, sky-high footwear can make you look and feel amazing. On the other, wearing unnaturally high or platformed shoes can lead to sore calves, strained ligaments and even ankle injuries. (Thanks to the incredible amount of pressure they place on your lower limbs and other key parts of your body.) 

Heels lack any kind of real shock absorption, which means that with every step, your knees are left to cope with extra stress. Wearing these types of shoes too often may also wear away the natural padding on the balls of your feet, eradicating their natural cushioning abilities and making walking extremely uncomfortable. 

Worse still, if you wear high heels regularly over the course of your lifetime, you will eventually weaken the muscles in your back. This is because your spine curves unnaturally to keep your body balanced while you’re teetering on tiptoe. If your back muscles are lacking in strength and flexibility, this can restrict your mobility and increase your risk of injury further. 

Studies published by Live Science also indicated that long-term use of high heels can permanently shorten the Achilles tendon, creating a significant physiological change in the muscles and tendons around the ankles that could lead to discomfort even when wearing flat shoes (or no shoes at all). So even when you’re taking a break from your heels, you’ll still be feeling the effects of them! 

Introducing a simple yet effective way to tackle pain and discomfort

Our high heel pads have been specifically designed to reduce the strain placed on your feet when you’re wearing high heeled shoes. 

Pop these lightweight and discreet pads in between your shoe and your forefoot, and you’ll feel immediate relief from those all-too-familiar stinging and aching sensations. This is because the pads offer exceptional support and much-improved cushioning qualities compared to the material used to manufacture your footwear. 

Our high heel pad pieces are designed to sit right underneath the second and third metatarsals – the two bones within your feet that are likely to succumb to the most pressure.

There’s no ‘breaking in’ period; when worn correctly and adjusted to meet your individual needs, your high heel pads will make a significant difference to your comfort and posture right away. 

Each pad comes with two support pieces, A and B. You can experiment with both to see which delivers the best level of support. Some people see great results by wearing the same pieces on both feet, while others require different levels of cushioning on each foot.

There’s no right or wrong way to use our high heel pads. Try out as many combinations as you like until you find the most comfortable feeling. 

Ideally, you need to be limiting your use of high heels if you want to avoid joint pain, strained tendons and a whole host of other unpleasant side effects.

But if you just can’t avoid wearing your favourite fashion statements – especially on special occasions! Using OrthoSole’s high heel support pads is a sure-fire way to keep you feeling comfortable and well-supported for longer.

Buy our high heel pads now or contact our team for more information!  

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