Fed up with foot fatigue? We have the answer!


Foot fatigue affects every one of us at some point in our lives.

Whether we’re working many hours in a physically demanding job, taking part in intense sports or simply trying to increase our step count on a daily basis, we’re all capable of developing tired, aching feet. The condition occurs when your muscles start to swell and cramp from over-use, leading to pain in the ball, arch or heel of the foot.

There’s no need to suffer unnecessarily, though. PORON, the incredible material used within our orthotic insoles, is designed to take a lot of the pressure away from your lower limbs while you’re going about your daily routine.

When combined with the many other supportive elements of these amazing products, PORON can play an important role in keeping foot fatigue at bay, allowing you to live an active life with no limits.

PORON: our very own ‘magic’ material

We’ve inserted a 3mm layer of PORON into both the insole footbed and the heel chassis of every single OrthoSole product. Why? Because this additional layer provides extra cushioning that’s proven to combat the symptoms of foot fatigue.

The PORON within each of our products protects the wearer from unnecessary injuries and reduces ache and pains. Not only does this medical-grade material work to absorb shock, it also provides relief at various pressure points, which over time lessens the strain on the feet, the ankles, the knees and even the lower back.

Each PORON layer is heat-sensitive, which means it will conform to the shape of your foot during use to provide completely tailored support. And because the material is incredibly durable, you’ll get months – if not years – of wear out of your insoles before they start to lose their effectiveness.

How can PORON-based insoles benefit employees?

Our PORON-based insoles can, of course, be worn by anyone who finds themselves suffering from foot fatigue. But they’re particularly popular amongst those who spend much of their working day on their feet.

Many businesses will invest in rubber anti-fatigue mats for active staff members. While these can go some way to alleviating the pressure employees are placing on their feet, they can be an expensive option depending on the area that needs to be covered. They’re often considered a trip hazard, too, due to their slightly raised surface.

So, instead of investing in large-scale mats that cover every corner of their office, shop, warehouse or factory, many health and safety managers are deciding to meet their safety obligations by purchasing a pair of PORON-based orthotic insoles for each of their workers. These products are cheaper than safety footwear, and they can be easily customised to suit the needs of the individual thanks to their accompanying metatarsal support pieces. They can be ordered en masse, but tailored according to the requirements of every worker – and these two traits make them the perfect product for decision-makers who want to keep their teams happy, healthy and performing at their very best.

Interested in learning more about PORON? Contact the team at OrthoSole today and we’ll happily talk to you about the many benefits of this innovative material. And if you’re a business owner who’s keen to reduce foot-related absenteeism, increase productivity and promote better wellbeing throughout your company, it’s time to chat with our corporate sales department to discover how our orthotic insoles could be the effective and affordable workplace solution you’ve been searching for.

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