Find OrthoSole at November’s South East Bloggers event in Colchester


After a successful event back in June, the team at OrthoSole are pleased to announce that they will be attending the next brands and bloggers evening hosted by the South East Bloggers Club.


The event, which will be Christmas-themed, will be taking place on 22nd November 2018 at Boadicea Bar & Restaurant in Colchester.

Guests will be invited to network with growing local companies over drinks and canapes, with the aim being to spark up effective collaborations between businesses who are seeking exposure and bloggers with established online followings who can help to bring their products and services to a new audience.

OrthoSole will be on hand to provide free live fittings of their innovative orthotics and provide expert advice to those who are seeking relief from foot fatigue, plantar fasciitis, back pain and other conditions that are often made worse by wearing unsupportive footwear.

Plenty of other exhibitors have been confirmed for the event, including sparkle fanatics Luxurious Glitter, purveyors of snuggly winter clothing Big Bobble Hats, and renowned local makeup artist Scarlett Allen. And to add even more atmosphere to what’s bound to be a buzzing night, live music will be provided on the night by vocalist and guitarist Kiele Lola.

Lorraine Irani, Director at OrthoSole, believes that local blogging events have played a huge role in generating extra interest in the brand.

“Since the previous event, we have arranged a number of collaborations with bloggers who were keen to promote our products via their own platforms,” she says.

“We’ve found that these arrangements have boosted our local profile significantly and have helped us promote our growing range of customisable insoles to people that will directly benefit from them.”

Bloggers can attend November’s networking event for free. Writers and online influencers can register their interest by contacting the South East Bloggers Club directly.

For more information on the event itself, including timings, please click here.


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