Get a free nail polish when you buy a high heel pad!


If you’ve been thinking about getting hold of a high heel pad for a while now, now’s the best time to buy – because we’re giving our customers a free nail polish with every purchase!

Head to the checkout with a high heel pad, pick your favourite colour varnish, and both items will drop on your doorstep within a matter of days (if you’re based in the UK).

This promotion will only be available while stocks last, so order today to avoid disappointment.

What’s different about OrthoSole’s high heel pads?

There are plenty of high heel pads available – but generic, one-size-fits-all products don’t always provide the right level of support to wearers, especially those with feet that are biomechanically different.

OrthoSole high heel pads are flexible and fully customisable. They can be fully adjusted to ensure maximum support, right where it’s needed the most.

Each pad comes with two metatarsal pieces: A and B. These are designed and shaped to fit underneath the second and third metatarsals – the bones within the feet that are often placed under the most strain during standing and walking – but they can be moved to wherever feels comfortable.

Crucially, these high heel pads can be worn differently on each foot. So, if you feel that your left foot needs more arch support, but your right foot feels fine without the use of any metatarsal pads whatsoever, you have the freedom to choose this tailored combination.

And because they’re helping your feet cope with the added pressure from wearing high heeled shoes or boots, our high heel pads will also encourage you to walk from the hip. This will take much of the strain away from your feet, legs and lower back – and you’ll have much better posture, too.

Sore feet and aching heels are a thing of the past!

With the Christmas party season just around the corner, we’re sure you’ll be searching for ways to rock your Louboutins without falling victim to burning feet. Now, it really is possible to look great and feel comfortable in high heels. Our pads will keep you dancing all night long, even if you’ve opted for skyscraper heels!

You can learn more about the perils of wearing fancy footwear, along with the benefits of wearing our high heel pads, in this blog post.

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