How to keep your feet in great shape over the holidays


Nobody wants to trap their feet in bulky boots or trainers during the warmer months. At this time of year, we’re dusting off our sandals and enjoying feeling the air between our toes.

But did you know that your trusty holiday flip-flops could in fact be contributing to heel pain, poor posture, and a long list of other health problems?

How your sandals could be affecting your foot health

Researchers have found that sandal wearers typically take shorter strides, and many admit to scrunching up their toes to keep their shoes in place. Over time, this unnatural way of walking can lead to generalised hip, knee and back pain.

Because of the unsupportive nature of this type of footwear, wearers are more likely to place unnecessary strain on their metatarsals (the five long bones that extend along the bottom of the foot, along to the toes). Over time, this could lead to a painful stress fracture that could make day to day activity much more uncomfortable than it should be.

Then there’s the risk of developing plantar fasciitis from flip-flops thanks to the lack of arch support in summer shoes. Those with flatter feet are particularly at risk of falling victim to this kind of overuse injury, which is characterised by inflammation, stiffness, and sharp pain in the heel of the foot.

Finally, you’re more likely to succumb to external injuries whilst wearing sandals, especially cuts, scrapes, burns and – perhaps worst of all – stubbed toes.

We’ve developed the perfect solution for sandal lovers

The only way to truly combat discomfort and injury is to invest in footwear that has been designed to relieve the stress placed on your feet on a daily basis.

The problem is, while they may boast the support that wearers are looking for, many of the specially-designed orthotic sandals on the market at the moment don’t appeal to fashion-conscious customers who want to look as good as they feel while they’re out enjoying the sunshine.

But now, thanks to OrthoSole, it IS possible to get the best of both worlds.

We’ve created a range of fashionable footwear that can provide you with all the support you need.

Our orthotic sandals

The brand new, fully adjustable orthotic sandals from Orthosole deliver excellent support in a stylish frame.

The stable sole toe rock on the forefoot along with the metatarsal piece takes the strain off your joints, while the Poron along the top of the sandal provides excellent shock absorption. Our sandals will improve your overall foot stability by supporting pronation, and the secure non-slip design allows you to walk freely and comfortably.

We’ve developed 5 different ranges of orthotic sandals which contain a total of 16 styles for men and women. So whether you prefer thinner, more feminine shapes, or you’re a fan of chunkier designs, you’re bound to find sandals here that suit your unique personality.

What to expect when you purchase a pair of OrthoSole sandals

Check out our video below, with a simple guide on how to customise your OrthoSole sandals for the ultimate comfort!

Shop our range of orthotic sandals here, or contact us for more information on these innovative products!

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