Is your holiday wear damaging your health?


The clocks have gone forward, the sun is shining (sometimes!), and long, hazy summer days are
finally on the horizon. It’s the perfect time of year to turn your attention to your summer wardrobe
– but could your favourite warm weather pieces actually be damaging your health?

We’re not talking about those flimsy summer dresses and all-too-revealing pool shorts, though.
We’re talking about your footwear… and specifically, your sandals!

Can wearing sandals damage your feet?

Sandals themselves are not the issue here. It’s the lack of support they provide to your feet that
could eventually lead to pain, discomfort, and a whole host of unpleasant health issues.

Sandals and flip flops do not provide the arches and heels of your feet with any kind of cushioning.
This isn’t necessarily a problem if you’re only wearing them for a short amount of time, but
prolonged use could expose your feet to unnecessary strain. If these two important areas of your
feet go unsupported, the amount of pressure you’re placing on them could permanently damage
your plantar fascia (the long band of tissue that runs from your toes to your heel).

If your sandals don’t fit your feet correctly, you’ll often find yourself gripping the bottom of the shoe
with your toes just to keep them on. This causes unnecessary tension in your tendons, and over time
this could lead to pain elsewhere in your body. It will also affect the way you walk, which could lead
to symptoms of foot fatigue and cause further aches and pains in your ankles, shins, knees and even
your back.

What can you do to introduce more support into your sandals?

You don’t need to give up wearing flip flops completely! It’s totally possible to continue wearing
open-toed shoes and STILL receive the level of support you need from your footwear, thanks to our
brand new orthotic sandals.

The orthotic sandals within our range come in a variety of styles. Our men’s Ibis shoes boast an
attractive, contemporary design with a high level of slip resistance, and our Apollo sliders are perfect
for those who don’t like the traditional sandal shape but still want their feet to be free! For the
ladies, we’ve also created the Venus flip flop, a fashion-forward orthotic sandal that’s available in a
range of colours to complement any outfit.

Styles aside, key thing is, each of these sandals has a stable rocker sole on the forefoot, along with
insoles for your arches and metatarsals that are built from shock-absorbing EVA and Poron
materials. All of these elements combined will lessen the force that’s placed on your joints where
the toes meet the foot, leaving you feeling more comfortable for longer (and reducing the long-term
damage to your feet and lower limbs).

What’s more, each pair of sandals comes with a variety of different support combinations, so you
can adjust the arch and metatarsal pieces until your shoes feel 100% comfortable and secure.


You can learn lots more about the benefits of wearing orthotic sandals here. Head over to our shop
to see our orthotic sandals for yourself, and place your order now to make sure your footwear
arrives in time for the holiday season!

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