Keep festivals fun with OrthoSole!


Are you going to a festival this summer?

Perhaps you’ve already spent the weekend in a tent, lapping up great music and enjoying the odd tipple or two?

There’s no better way to catch up with friends, let off some steam and enjoy the best that the British summer can throw at us. But while you’re busy partying at your favourite festival, it can be easy to forget those two crucial parts of your anatomy that are going to be placed under a bucketload of strain as you shimmy from stage to stage (…and bar to chip van).

That’s right – your feet are in for a tiring few days of walking and dancing. Inevitably, if they’re not looked after, they will become sore, inflamed and more prone to injury. That’s why it’s so important to pack an extra-supportive pair of OrthoSole insoles ready for your next festival trip.

How much walking are you likely to do at a festival?

Did you know that the average festival goer will walk over 5 miles every day?

That’s 15 miles in a standard festival weekend – and over 30 miles (more than a marathon!) if you’re lucky enough to get a ticket to Glastonbury, which typically runs over five days.

These stats are based on research carried out by tech company Withings, which also translated these steps into calories burned. You can find more information on the report here, in this article from Gigwise.

So, the good news is, even if you indulge in one too many burgers or beers during your stay, you’re highly likely to burn off most of the excess food and drink. But the bad news is, if you don’t take steps to look after your feet, you could find yourself with stinging heels, strained plantar fascia and painful knees and ankles.

How can you look after your feet at a festival?

The best way to take care of your feet at a festival is to wear a pair of our highly customisable insoles, of course!

Discreet, lightweight and yet incredibly supportive, these products can be inserted into virtually any type of shoe (including those festival fundamentals: wellies!) to provide you with unrivalled cushioning, when and where you need it the most. Our insoles can turn even the flimsiest footwear into shoes that deliver the support you need to protect your feet from unnecessary harm.

You can customise your insole by adjusting the firmness of the various metatarsal pads until you find the perfect fit. And if all that dancing has taken its toll and you find you need extra support later in the day, you can simply pop out the insert and change around the pads until you feel 100% comfortable again.

The insoles themselves, along with the accompanying pads, will fit neatly into any backpack or bag, so there’s really no excuse not to include them in your list of festival essentials.

Prefer to let your feet breathe? No problem. We’ve designed an excellent range of orthotic sandals for festival lovers who prefer the open-toed feel. Take a look at our range of men’s and women’s sandals and see for yourself just how stylish this game-changing footwear really is!

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