London Marathon runners take note: OrthoSole insoles can provide unrivalled support before, during and after the event!


There are two types of people: those who are starting to relax their training regimes in favour of a
sherry-filled festive season, and those who are ramping up their fitness programmes to compensate
for all that extra calorie-guzzling that tends to take place over the Christmas holidays.

But those who won a spot in 2020’s London Marathon fall into a third category at this time of year.
These running fanatics will already be under pressure to prepare for their 26.2-mile endurance race
around the capital. As soon as they welcome in the New Year, most marathon runners will be
embarking on a 16-week training plan in a bid to reach their optimum fitness and smash their goals.

Sound like you? Then you’ll already know – hopefully – that training safely is just as important as
training consistently. One way to ensure you’re looking after your body during intense activity is to
invest in a pair of customisable orthotic insoles from OrthoSole.

How can our insoles help marathon runners?

They will absorb much of the shock induced by long-distance running

We all know that running or jogging for long periods of time can wreak havoc with our knees and
lower limbs. When you’re training for a marathon, you can reduce the amount of strain you’re
placing on your lower body by wearing OrthoSole insoles. These products contain a thin, discreet yet
highly shock absorbent PORON® urethane layer which relieves pressure points and delivers better
all-round stability.

They will improve posture – ankle alignment

Misalignment, overpronation and poor running posture can open up a whole world of problems –
and, more often than not, lead to unwanted injuries in the run-up to the event. OrthoSole insoles
can help to reduce the risk of sprains, strains and shin splints by lessening the burden on the
musculoskeletal system and providing enhanced support to your ankles.

They will give you extra pace

A lesser-known benefit of our orthotic insoles is they can add power to each stride! They encourage
more contact with the bed of the foot and help you channel more energy into your movement.

They combat foot fatigue

Many marathon runners – especially those who are new to the sport – complain of aching and
stinging sensations in the feet every time they train. OrthoSole products work to reduce the swelling
and cramping that are often associated with lots of running activity.

They can be fully adjusted for maximum comfort


Not sure what level of support you need from your orthotic insoles? Not a problem. You can
customise OrthoSole insoles yourself using the range of Light, Medium and Firm metatarsal pads
that are supplied with each pair. So if you feel you need more support at the beginning of your
training plan, opt for the firmest pieces; if your needs change as you get used to your running
routine, change the pads around until you feel 100% comfortable again. It really is that simple.

They complement all kinds of running shoes

OrthoSole insoles can be inserted neatly into all kinds of trainers and specialist running shoes, and
can be cut down to size if required The unique fabric will also help to keep your feet cool and dry.

You can shop our full range of orthotic insoles here. Our tip? Try our Max Cushion insoles – they
offer optimal comfort and support for sports enthusiasts.

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