OrthoSole for cricketers: how our insoles can support professionals and hobbyists


The idea for OrthoSole was developed back in the mid-1990s by international cricketer Ronnie Irani. 

Ronnie was playing professionally for Essex and England, and his career was at its peak – but, like many athletes, he was struggling with recurring injuries from the sport. At the time, there was very little on the market to help players prevent problems before they occurred – so Ronnie set about creating affordable yet entirely custom-built orthotics that take some of the pressure away from the body during movement, and bring the musculoskeletal system into better alignment to prevent strains, sprains and muscle overuse. 


5 of the most common injuries amongst cricketers 

Whether it’s due to overloading the body or unwanted impact, cricketers are always at risk of developing injuries during training or play. 

The injuries notoriously associated with the sport are:


Rotator cuff injuries

Repetitive movements during bowling or fielding can lead to overstretched tendons and muscle strains. Any damage to the rotator cuff muscle set can result in a great deal of pain – in fact, it can often wipe out a cricketer from the game for several weeks or months. 


Thrower’s elbow

This condition – which is otherwise known as medial epicondylitis – is often caused by poor bowling technique or muscle overload at the beginning of the season. It affects both the inside and outside of the elbow and is the result of both micro fractures in the arm bones and extreme medial ligament strain.

Medial meniscus tear

The medial meniscus is a small piece of cartilage that’s located at the top of the tibia bone in the lower part of the leg. It’s there to protect the knee joint from shock-inducing movement – but it is susceptible to wear and tear from sharp turns and intensive running. 


Ankle sprains

The slightest misstep when landing a bowl or turning from the stump can lead to debilitating ankle sprains. These injuries are caused by forcing the ligaments in the ankles beyond their normal range of motion, and stretching or tearing the tissues that hold the bones together. 

Lower back pain

This is one of the biggest complaints amongst all sportspeople. Lots of movement can place the lower back under a great deal of strain, leading to tears, stress fractures and even slipped discs. Sometimes, pain in this area can also be caused by misalignment in the body – for example, by unevenly distributing your weight between your two feet, or by sitting or standing in awkward and uncomfortable positions. 


How can OrthoSole insoles help to reduce the risk of injury?

We can’t promise that our orthotic insoles will prevent cricket injuries completely. After all, so many of our aches and pains originate from inadequate technique, poor biomechanics and unlucky mishaps out on the pitch. 

But we can guarantee that, when worn regularly and correctly, our unique insoles will help cricketers by:

  • Relieving the pressure on the feet during movement
  • Absorbing excess shock to the body from running and sharp turning
  • Stabilising the ankle joints to reduce the risk of injury
  • Correcting overpronation and supination
  • Reducing the excessive traction forces that cause pain and inflammation in the shins (shin splints)

What’s more, each pair of OrthoSole insoles is supplied with its very own custom-fitting support system – which means the products can be fully adjusted in a matter of seconds to deliver a specific level of cushioning for your foot arch and metatarsal bones. This is particularly useful if one foot needs a little more support than the other due to a previous injury.  


Which insole delivers the best results for cricketers?

We offer a range of insoles that offer varying levels of support. For cricketers – and anyone who exercises regularly – we would recommend the Max Cushion, our thickest and most durable insole. Both men’s and women’s Max Cushion insoles can be bought directly from us online. 

For everyday use, we’d suggest our Thin Insoles, which are more discreet and can be easily inserted into trainers, brogues, pumps and most other kinds of footwear.  


Learn more

OrthoSole was born from a passion for cricket, and we know first-hand how much of a difference our products can make to players of all ages and abilities. But our customisable insoles can bring added support, comfort and stability to any sport. Browse our range of insoles here, or read more about the incredible benefits of our world-leading products

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