Orthotic sandals: the next best purchase for leisure venue workers?


If you’ve been following OrthoSole for a while, you’re probably already aware that we recently launched our range of men’s and women’s orthotic sandals!

We’re so excited about these products. They offer the perfect blend of fashion and comfort to people who want to look stylish in the sun, but don’t want to compromise their foot health by wearing flimsy, unsupportive footwear throughout the summer months.

But though they are designed to help anyone who wants to improve their foot health, we think there’s a special place for our orthotic sandals in spas, hotels, leisure centres and other entertainment venues where employees are often paying little attention to their feet and lower limbs in potentially hazardous environments.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of our brand new orthotic sandals, and why we think they’re a sound investment for leisure workers around the world.


First thing’s first: what are the benefits of wearing our orthotic sandals?

Our sandals help to combat heel pain, poor posture and foot fatigue thanks to their unique metatarsal pieces.

When inserted into the forefoot of the shoe, these small, interchangeable supports will help to take the strain off your joints by adding extra cushioning to the long, thin bones that run from the middle of your toes to the start of your heels. The Poron material added along the top of the sandal also provides excellent shock absorption when you’re standing or walking for longer periods of time. Their non-slip design ensures complete stability for your feet and ankles, and if you’re prone to pronation (see what we did there?), our sandals will help to correct your movement, too.

So, all in all, they’re a fantastic purchase for anyone who is either already suffering from a painful foot-related condition – such as plantar fasciitis or Achilles tendonitis – or anyone who wants to keep their feet in great shape over the holidays.


Why are our sandals a great investment for leisure venue workers?

While most of us get to wear bulkier, more supportive footwear during our working hours, there are some people who spend most of their days in flipflops. For example, lifeguards and swimming pool workers often prefer to wear open-toed shoes because they usually provide a better grip on wet surfaces (and they won’t get soaked through by the end of their shift!).

They may be more comfortable and breathable than traditional work shoes in certain environments, but off-the-shelf sandals are unlikely to provide the support these employees need if they want to ward off short-term discomfort and longer-term health conditions.

Our orthotic sliders and flip flops, however, bridge the gap between healthy and trendy. They provide the same level of comfort as trainers, in a stylish, slip-resistant shell that’s designed to co-ordinate with any uniform or outfit.


Health and safety managers, take note!

While leisure centre employees should of course be taking steps to improve their own comfort levels, it’s often down to the venue’s health and safety representative to provide equipment that can do the job for them: including orthopaedically designed footwear that can be easily adopted by all staff.

Our orthotic sandals are the perfect choice for safety-conscious managers because they don’t need to be tailored to the needs of the individual; the employee can tailor the shoe to their optimum level of comfort thanks to the changeable and removable support pads which are provided with every pair.

What’s more, these products are more affordable than you might think. And because they are designed to stand up to heavy use, you can expect our orthotic sandals to last up to twelve months with regular wear.


Get your pair now!

Whether you’re ordering a single pair of orthotic sandals for yourself, or you want to invest in numerous products for your whole team, you can place an order quickly and easily via the OrthoSole website.

And for a limited time only, customers can get 20% off their brand new pair of orthotic sandals! Just quote the code KAM9 at the checkout and the discount will be deducted from your order.

Be sure to let us know what you think of our orthotic sandals, too! You can tweet us @orthosole or find us on Facebook.

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