Stay supported to enjoy your garden for longer


National Allotment Week started on 12th August – which was the perfect opportunity for green-fingered gardeners across the country to show their appreciation for their favourite pastime!

We’re big fans of this popular hobby, largely because gardening is fantastic for your physical and psychological wellbeing. Tending to your own little corner of the outdoors keeps you active, which in turn will help you maintain a healthy weight. Weeding, and other tasks that involve leaning and squatting, can help you keep your hip joints healthy. And tending to the garden has also been known to improve the symptoms of osteoarthritis and other joint-related conditions.

There’s a great deal of proof, too, that getting outdoors can work wonders for your mental health. Gardening connects us with nature; it grounds us, de-stresses us, and encourages us to forget about our worries by living in the moment and concentrating on the tasks at hand.

Does gardening have its downsides?

As enjoyable and beneficial as gardening may be, pruning that hedge or turning that soil can force you to contort your body into all kinds of weird and wonderful positions.

If you don’t take active steps to support the joints and muscles that are helping you perform these strenuous tasks, you could cause an injury – and that could make regular gardening difficult or uncomfortable.

How to stay comfortable and pain-free

Lower back pain is the biggest complaint among people who spend a lot of time cultivating their outdoor space, and many others report twists and sprains from heavy lifting.

So, when you’re gardening, you need to be mindful of the strain this kind of activity may be placing on your body – and do everything you can to reduce its impact.

There are plenty of ways you can look after yourself. For example, instead of opting for small spades and trowels, use tools with long handles so you don’t need to bend over as often. Lay down a garden kneeler or special knee pads before you start sowing seeds to take the pressure off your legs, and make sure you have a portable garden stool to hand that can support you during lengthier tasks.

We would also recommend wearing highly supportive OrthoSole insoles in your gardening boots or wellies. Doing so can go some way to protecting you from unwanted pain and discomfort in your feet, ankles, knees and lower back.

How our orthotic insoles can help avid gardeners thrive

Pop on a pair of OrthoSole insoles, and you’ll be free to potter around to your heart’s content, safe in the knowledge that your feet are receiving exceptional cushioning and support.

By wearing our customisable orthotic insoles every time you head out into your garden, you can combat foot fatigue, lessen the amount of stress you’re placing on your lower back, and keep the painful symptoms of conditions like Achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis at bay.

Our insoles will also improve foot positioning and ankle alignment to help you stay steady on your feet and avoid injuries on uneven ground.

You can learn more about the many benefits of OrthoSole insoles here.

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