Why OrthoSole insoles are great investment for sports lovers


If you’re an active kind of guy or girl, chances are you’ve succumbed to a sports-related injury at some point. Sometimes, twists and sprains are par for the course – if you’re prone to tackling your opponents during football matches, for example, you can expect to leave the game with more than a graze from time to time! 

But certain aches and pains that are particularly prevalent amongst sports lovers CAN be prevented with the help of OrthoSole’s innovative customisable insoles. 

What are the benefits of wearing orthotic insoles for sports? 

It doesn’t matter if you’re a you’re a runner, a cricketer, a rugby player or a rambler – everyone who is regularly active will benefit from wearing OrthoSole sports insoles on a regular basis.

This is because our insoles provide extra support to your metatarsals. These long, thin bones are part of the mid-foot. Though they are designed to withstand shock and impact from standing, walking and the occasional run – but placing a lot of pressure on them during sports in the longer term will eventually damage them, leading to generalised pain, a greater risk of injuries, and perhaps even the onset of other foot conditions, such as plantar fasciitis

Our products can help you prevent your feet from succumbing to too much strain. Simply pop our insoles into your shoes every time you train or play, and our insoles will work to: 

  • Provide unrivalled support to the arch and heel of each foot
  • Straighten out any overpronation or supination that’s occurring during movement
  • Encourage better weight distribution between your feet
  • Improve your posture and alignment 
  • Prevent the development of plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, shin splints, runner’s knee and other sports-related ailments

The unique shock-absorbing layer of PORON® used within the manufacture of every insole will also go a long way to relieving those pressure points and delivering increased stability to your feet and ankles. 

What makes OrthoSole insoles different from the rest? 

Pretty much any orthotic insole can deliver the benefits listed above for sports men and women. But OrthoSole insoles are unique in that you can tailor them to suit your individual requirements.

Each pair of insoles comes with a set of interchangeable support pads that vary in thickness and firmness. Simply experiment with each of the pads until you find a combination that feels 100% comfortable and delivers the level of support you need during training. 

Can our insoles be used inside any type of sports footwear?

Yes! That’s the beauty of our range – our insoles are suitable for use in virtually any type of shoe. They slot neatly into all kinds of sports gear, from standard trainers to football boots, and can be cut down for a tighter fit if needs be. You just need to make sure that your feet feel comfortable and have sufficient breathing space. 

Which of our products will be the best option for you?

The insole you choose will depend on how much support you’ll need from the product. Our Lite style options are lightweight, discreet and suitable for everyday shoes, while our high-performance Max Cushion insoles are designed to deliver the kind of unrivalled support needed during high impact sports activities. If you are still unsure which insoles are best for you Contact our Team today!


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