ESD Approved Insoles by OrthoSole

High Quality and Effective ESD Insole Range

OrthoSole are proud to announce that our insoles are now ESD approved with ESD approved footwear, to help keep ESD (electrostatic discharge) to a minimum in your work environment!

Our insoles have been engineered to meet the requirements of IEC 613405-1 ANSI ESD S20.20

So when our insoles are used in conjunction with fully compliant ESD footwear, ESD will be kept to a minimum in the workplace.

With anti-static insoles, a combination of rigid and soft foam for protective cushioning and shock-absorption zones to reduce foot fatigue, our range of orthotic insoles are comfortable and lightweight and are ESD approved, to help improve overall fit for users and maintaining an anti-static effectiveness with ESD approved footwear.

So, What Exactly is ESD?

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is the sudden flow of electricity between two electrically charged objects caused by contact, an electrical short, or dielectric breakdown.

Features and Benefits of OrthoSole ESD Insoles

OrthoSole orthotic insoles are made from a combination of rigid and soft foam, shock absorption zones and customisable support elements to help keep your feet cushioned and protected all day long.

The ESD benefits of our insoles include:

How Can ESD Be Prevented in the Workplace?

If ESD is a problem in your company, then you can take a number of active steps to protect your equipment and environment from the damaging effects of ESD.


For sensitive electrostatic discharge protected areas, employees may be required to wear anti-static clothing, including sole grounders, conductive shoes, ESD protective overalls, t-shirts, sweatshirts and polo shirts, Hi-Vis jackets and of course – ESD footwear along with OrthoSole ESD approved insoles!


There are specific workbenches design for static controlled areas, with anti-static elements built in so that essential pieces of equipment and components aren’t harmed by ESD.


There are numerous accessories that have been developed to help assist in preventing an ESD event. ESD approved accessories include wrist straps, insulating strips, double data sockets, earth/ground leads.


ESD approved matting is beneficial in many ways, as walking alone can cause static electricity. ESD matting can help to disperse this electricity, helping ESD to flow at a slower rate across the surface which in turn neutralises it.

Have I got a Condition that will Benefit from OrthoSole Insoles?

Who Can Benefit From OrthoSole Insoles?

Our insoles are designed for use in a range of work shoes and boots, and they provide excellent shock absorption to reduce the impact and strain on the feet and legs.

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