Insoles for High Heels

There are plenty of high heel insoles on the market – but none offer the exceptional cushioning and fully customisable elements of these innovative products from OrthoSole.

Avoid sore feet and protect your lower body against injury and inflammation with our fully patented insole design. Our insoles for high heels provide added support to the metatarsal to help keep the pressure off the front of your foot.

The high heel pad is placed inside the shoe, underneath the forefoot area. The flat surface faces upwards and needs to sit directly on the surface of your foot. The silicone gel and metatarsal side are then placed down onto the shoe itself.

Why invest in shoe insoles for heels?

The shoe insoles for high heels from OrthoSole can be worn with all styles of high heeled shoes or boots, so you can stay on trend safe in the knowledge that you’re providing maximum support to your feet whenever you dress to impress.

Our inserts are a joy to wear with any outfit. They’re lightweight, discreet, and can even be trimmed to match the exact shape of the shoe if required. Perhaps more importantly, though, the high heel pad insoles will help you combat foot fatigue and other uncomfortable conditions that are often associated with regularly wearing high heels.

How do I achieve the right fit?

Finding the right fit for your high heel pad insoles couldn’t be easier. Just let your feet do the talking while you’re walking!

Try out our metatarsal pad combination for just 2 minutes, and you’ll quickly feel the benefits of wearing them for high heels. There’s no ‘breaking in’ period – the high heel pad insoles should feel comfortable almost immediately.

If you don’t feel suitably supported, experiment with different combinations of pads until you do. You may even find that you need to use different metatarsal pads on each foot to achieve the best fit – and that’s OK! The key here is to listen to what your feet are telling you and adjust the high heel pads until you’re 100% happy. You can expect your shoe inserts for high heels to last for up to 12 months, depending on how often you use them.

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