Insoles for Improved Posture

How can OrthoSole help my Posture?

Do you often find yourself slouching while standing?

Do you regularly experience injuries or inflammation in your feet, lower body and back?

You may not realise it, but poor posture could be causing damage to your bones and joints and contributing to muscle pain.

But help is at hand. The customisable posture control insoles from OrthoSole can help bring your body back into alignment and relieve discomfort.

Why are postural insoles important?

Sometimes we are all guilty of under-engaging many of our muscles and placing a greater strain on others simply because we have adopted poor postural habits. Wearing the correct shoe insoles can effectively ‘teach’ the body to stand and walk with better posture, which in turn lessens the burden on our musculoskeletal system and reduces pain not only in the feet, but also in the ankles, shins and lower back.

Insoles for better posture can also relieve symptoms from common foot problems that are often caused by misalignment and an abnormal walking pattern, including plantar fasciitis, bunions and bunionettes, over pronation, and numbness in the foot.

Wearing insoles for improved posture

Finding the right postural insoles needn’t be a chore. OrthoSole has developed affordable, fully customisable inserts that provide maximum support whilst remaining lightweight, discreet and suitable for use in virtually any shoe.

All of our posture control insoles are supplied with a custom-fitting system that allows you to experiment with varying levels of support. You can combine Light, Medium and Firm arch and metatarsal pads to achieve optimum comfort, and if your needs change over time, you don’t need to reinvest in new shoe inserts – simply switch the pads around to reconfigure the insole.

Our products are designed to be effective from the get-go. There’s no ‘breaking in’ period, and you should start to feel more comfortable and supported after wearing our posture control insoles for just a matter of minutes. You’ll immediately notice that you’re moving differently; you’ll feel stronger, lighter and more flexible.

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