Insoles For Your Workplace

At OrthoSole, we understand the benefits of rationalising the footwear that’s utilised within your business. We also appreciate the benefits of standardising the different types of shoes and boots that are worn across all of your business units or sites. Providing adequate work clothing is key to meeting your workplace safety obligations – and it can make all the difference to the health of your employees, too.

Footwear is the one vital piece of kit that is worn universally by employees throughout their working week.

OrthoSole is committed to working directly with your current footwear supplier and all key stakeholders within your company to deliver workplace shoe inserts that will dramatically improve the wellbeing of your staff.

“As stockists of OrthoSole and having seen the benefits first-hand, through trials within our workplace, we wanted to capture the story of how they were developed. Meeting Ronnie and hearing how he took his own experience of pain, endured throughout his sporting career, and used it to drive his ambition to create a uniquely designed orthotic insole, accessible to all, brings the product to life.”

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Shoe inserts designed with your employees’ needs in mind

We take a great deal of pride in our innovative inventions, which enable you to purpose our insole for use on a larger scale. Because our insoles are completely customisable, they can be worn by any member of staff, ensuring effortless, fully compliant standardisation across multiple places of work.

Beyond its practical level, we understand that footwear is very emotive. Style and comfort are both essential factors for workers across all industries, many of which are standing for long periods of time in shops, factories and venues. Both can be achieved to the satisfaction of the wearer thanks to the discreet yet incredibly supportive designs that give our products mass appeal.

Bringing affordable, comfortable footwear to your organisation

When the provision of footwear becomes price sensitive, the main areas which are reduced to ensure cost reduction are the foot-bed and support within the footwear. OrthoSole enables you to buy a cost effective footwear range for your employees yet simultaneously boost comfort levels and deliver major health benefits to all individuals.

And on a wider scale, happier, healthier employees means higher engagement and reduced absenteeism – all of which leads to increased productivity!

We supply our unique customisable insoles to a wide range of corporate clients in the UK and beyond.

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