Dear Lorraine,

I had to write to you today to say how brilliant your OrthoSole innersoles are.

My mother was advised to use the innersoles by her Orthopaedic Surgeon, following many problems she has experienced with her feet, due to arthritis and more significantly Plantar fasciitis.

As soon as she began wearing the innersoles she noticed a substantial and immediate reduction in the pain in her feet!

Since she began using your innersoles the flare ups with the Plantar fasciitis are also kept to a minimum. With that in mind I have today ordered another two pairs, because she not only wears them in her outdoor shoes, but has started to wear them at home in her slippers as well!

Thank you for your help with our order and for bringing such an effective product to the market.


Billy Falco


“@orthosole saved my feet and joints on the three peaks climb- only part of my body that didn’t ache! Love em.” – @clarelousiemore


Regarding Plantar Fasciitis: “@dullardcostner had it for a year. Painful and boring. Recommend stretches, icing and @orthosole inserts” – @MikeHarrisGolf


“Great insoles from someone who knows !!!!” – @chrisw_williams


“Got some more cricket matches coming up @RonnieIrani1 and need some more @orthosole please mate, great product and it works !” – @flintoff11


“Give flat feet a lift with arch & meta support!” – @planey2k


“had my first run with @orthosole in my running shoes, 7.5 miles & felt good, thank you!” – @Adamtnewman


“I wanted to thank you for being able to try your orthosole products. They have been absolutely amazing!! Immediately my foot was coaxed into a better position and it helped to alleviate the pain.

My sports injury massage guy said it would only take a miracle for me to run in the marathon- well I did, thanks to the orthos! It was a little slower and more uncomfortable but it enabled me to achieve it.
I am still using them and trying to rest my foot more now – but thank you so much for your help!”
– Hayley S, Plantar fasciitis sufferer.


“Thank You for the inserts, it was very kind of you to send them on. I have been using wearing them non-stop & they are really helping!”
– Graham, leg injuries due to a car accident.


“Hi Alison,

Just a bit of feedback on the OrthoSole which have been fantastic in helping my joint and back problems during this pregnancy especially at work!
On visiting my NHS Physio yesterday I took these with me and they loved the product and thought it was ideal for the majority of their patients.
I have advised them on where to get these products from however our stock sells through very quickly and thought this would be an ideal opportunity for OrthoSole.
Sophie F”


I had an accident in 2008 which left my right foot suffering from neuropathy and slightly deformed toes. After a lot of surgery an orthopaedic surgeon and physiotherapist recommended the orthosole inside some soft trainers. I have not looked back since wearing them. The soft material and customised support allows me to wear most shoes nowadays.

I was a keen runner before the accident and now I’m a keen road cyclist. This year I did the Etape Du Tour in France wearing my orthosoles in my cycling shoes.I now own indoor & outdoor trainers, hiking boots, casual shoes, dog walking shoes, formal shoes & holiday footwear / all of them require the orthosole (hence my large order!).

I have tried numerous other avenues to get my feet back in to something comfortable but safe without success, including a custom made pair of shoes from a top London orthotics store – they cost me £2,000 and I couldn’t even walk to the station in them!

I recently bought my Dad a pair (he’s size 13) and he’s now going to the Gymn!

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