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The OrthoSole High Heel Pad pieces A and B are designed and shaped to sit underneath the 2nd and 3rd metatarsal; but you can move them to where suites you best underneath the fore foot area to give you the best feeling. You must select the piece which is most comfortable to you.

The high heel pads can be worn differently on each foot if desired. It’s important for them to feel supportive but not intrusive. The high heel pads can also be worn without any support of the pieces A and B if you feel necessary.

When the High Heel Pads are placed underneath your foot inside your shoes, it should feel quite liberating to feel the pressure and stress reduce, assisting with lowering foot fatigue.

Wearing OrthoSole High Heel Pads can help to ease the force and reduce the burning sensation felt in the fore foot area.

The overall support and comfort of OrthoSole High Heel Pads encourages you to walk more from your hips therefore taking pressure away from your feet, legs and lower back. In doing this, your shoulders will naturally feel more upright improving your posture to aid and help improve lower back pain.

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