Large Heel Lift (UK 10-13 shoe size)


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A Heel Lift can benefit people with many ailments and conditions. For example, those with a leg discrepancy (one leg longer or shorter than the other). The Heel Lift could be prescribed by a professional who has measured the leg difference in millimetres and then this size of Heel Lift can be added into a person’s footwear to assist them.

For those who have Plantar Fasciitis, an 8mm Heel Lift (6mm if the footwear of the individual isn’t that deep) under both heels works great to help take away stress from the plantar fascia (the thin ligament that connects your heel to the front of your foot) to assist the healing process.

To help with the condition of Achilles Tendonitis an 8mm Heel Lift (6mm if the footwear of the individual isn’t that deep) also works well under both heels to help take away the stress from the tendon.

The OrthoSole Heel Lift should stay fixed with the 3M sticky tape right back inside the shoe and works best underneath an OrthoSole insole. Naturally you would wear them under both feet (even if your Plantar Fasciitis or Achilles Tendonitis is only on one side) so not to put the rest of your body out of line by causing an imbalance.

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