'What a difference 24hrs makes'

“Big thank you to ⁦‪Ronnie Irani⁩ & ⁦‪OrthoSole⁩ .Great advice, great service & fabulous products . What a difference 24hrd makes wearing these ! Can’t recommend enough #plantarfasciitis ” -Gill

'I have worn them everyday since'

“The OrthoSole Team were very helpful and demonstrated the insoles extremely well. I have worn them everyday since and find them very comfortable and wish I had taken my friends advice about OrthoSole sooner.” – Jeff

'Now I stand corrected'

“I never thought OrthoSole would be any good for my Posture, But now I stand Corrected” – Jimmy

'Amazing product that all my patients love!'

“Amazing product that all my patients love! Would highly recommend OrthoSole from a medical perspective. Great product for great patient care.” – Jennifer

'It’s like ‘Walking On Air!’'

Thank You to the lovely assistant for helping me choose a suitable pair of OrthoSole Insoles for my father who is an 80 year old gentleman with a knee complaint sadly.

He has arthritis in his left knee and before receiving his OrthoSole Insoles he tripped up on the pavement on the way back from shopping, which not only shock him up but really scared me as I was also with him.

Thankfully I was able to order a pair of OrthoSole Insoles that day and as soon as my father received them I showed him how to adjust the innersoles to his comfort and he placed them inside his sliders which customer services very kindly advised me on.

My father tends to wear socks with all shoes, but with the OrthoSole Insoles he said the cushioning inside the shoes is so comfortable…. it’s like ‘Walking On Air!’ Thank You for your amazing service, I look forward to ordering from you again soon. – Amanda

'Wear them in all my shoes'

“They are fantastic, I wear them in all my shoes” – Mark

'Really can recommend them'

“A massive thank you to OrthoSole my Son is now running pain free after putting these in his shoes. Really can recommend them.” – Elizabeth

'Amazing product for Workmen'

“Amazing product for Workmen to wear!” – Tom

'Very Happy with today's delivery'

“Prompt delivery, very high quality, easy to fit & 9 different settings. Very happy with today’s delivery from OrthoSole, thank you!” – Andy

'Highly recommended'

“These insoles are amazing, I’ve only been using them for a week and the pain in my feet is subsiding, Highly recommended. I will be getting more!” – Eleanor

'They're amazing'

“Had them a couple of weeks now and they’re amazing. Wish I’d got them months ago!” – Rusty

'Wouldn't be without these now!'

“Recently switched to these from my previous orthotics. No regrets, massive thanks to my Physiotherapist for recommending them. Wouldn’t be without these now!” – Sam

'I was amazed when I got them'

“Many thanks to OrthoSole for sending me out of these incredible insoles to help with my plantar fasciitis problem! I have used them for a day and already feeling the benefits of them! Being on my feet all day then training after I really should of looked after my feet better but I have learned my lesson and will be from here on out!! The insoles have Velcro attachments to change the insoles from soft/medium/firm for all walks of life – I was amazed when I got them.” – Ryan

'Fabulous product!'

“Fabulous product! I bought a pair of Lite Style Insoles for my pull-on boots and found them amazing. No Pain in my back, ankles or knees when walking or standing, I’ve recommended them to my Dad and now is walking and playing football pain free! Would recommend OrthoSole for their products and customer service”

'OrthoSole is a fantastic product'

“OrthoSole is a fantastic product. I have not had any back pain since I stated using them. Highly recommended!” – Jim

'Invest in the best'

“OrthoSole allowed me to self diagnose each foot and cure each foot individually with the changeable support pads – just what I needed. I am virtually pain-free, well on my way to being so! Don’t suffer using a one ‘fit for all’ that might work on one foot. The answer is as individual as your own feet. Invest in the best. Get it sorted.” – Paul

'I use them in my trainers, boots, heels and even, even my ski boots!'

“I highly recommend OrthoSole if you have any foot, hip or back twinges. I have a very active life and occasionally suffer from heel pain and lower back pain. I tried many things and then found OrthoSole – custom fitted insoles that fit my feet perfectly – now I use them in my trainers, boots, heels and even my ski boots!” – Lindsay

'I found the insoles very easy to fit!'

“I found the insoles very easy to fit! My knees are shot, 41 years as a wicket keeper and 25 as a goalkeeper (5 operations so far) The pain in both my knees since using OrthoSole insoles has decreased to such a level that I’ve cut down on my pain medication. The overall feel is of comfort and stability but the insoles have made the unbearable days bearable again I WILL be buying more pairs for my spikes and trainer, I cannot recommend them enough!” – Kevin

'Comfort for any occasion!'

“Fantastic product! I have used these insoles for the past 5 years and I would recommend. Next stop is the insoles for heels; comfort for any occasion!” – Leeann

'OrthoSole are worth every single penny!'

“I work on my feet in a physical job and work 12 hour shifts. After battling chronic compartment syndrome for years, and having surgery and later severe plantar fasciitis – I can confidently say that the max cushion insoles from OrthoSole are worth every single penny!! I had tried pretty much every aftermarket insole/orthotic out there and have even had custom insoles made and still the constant pain remained.

After taking the plunge with what I thought was the high expense of OrthoSole’s MAX CUSHION I’m delighted to report that the pain in my feet is reduced so much!! At worst there is a mild dull ache in my left foot now rather than searing constant pain! Now to buy two more pairs for my trainers and smart shoes !! Well done to the OrthoSole team!” – Brad

'My knee pain has been cured overnight!'

“My knee pain has been cured overnight! I’d recommend OrthoSole to anyone suffering with knee or foot pain, ironically having paid a lot of money to see a knee surgeon he did not diagnose or recommend that my pain could be prevented by supporting the arches of my feet. Thank you to Ronnie for his advice” – Peter

'No Shin Splints. Problem Solved!'

“I am an active person and go on runs often, so when I started getting Shin Splints I was worried and unsure what to do. Luckily I came across OrthoSole and got in touch and their brilliant team helped me find the right insoles for me and 2 months on I have no Shin Splints. Problem Solved!! Would Recommend to anyone” – Ashley

'No aches after a long day on my feet'

“I use the max cushion insole for my work boots. I am on my feet all day walking on a variety of ground from tarmac and pavement to soil and grass as a groundsman and gardener. The first pair I inserted into my boots a year ago and they have outlasted my boots. I have a second pair in my new boots. I definitely feel the difference compared to the insoles supplied in boots as my feet do not ache after a long day on my feet, nor do they seem to perspire or overheat . The additional inserts literally mean the OrthoSole insole is tailor made for your feet.” – Neil

'They provide comfort all day long!'

“I’m always on my feet, whether that’s walking around uni or town, as well as working long shifts in the hospital as a student nurse or in my job as a carer. I’d come home with aching feet and sore heels. Since putting OrthoSoles’ in my shoes my feet no longer hurt and they provide comfort all day long! Definitely recommend this product!” – Amy

'Quick speedy and professional service!'

“Many thanks to OrthoSole for such a quick speedy and professional service! #injuryprevention” – Olly

'Relief of my symptoms of plantar faciitis'

“Your insoles have been a great success with relief of my symptoms of plantar faciitis. I have had symptoms of pain and tried numerous other insoles with limited success. The pain was right through both feet including the arches, heels and back of the heel. My Friend recommended yours and ordered me a pair before Christmas. I have worn them everyday and the pain is now subsiding and I feel so much improvement!” – Jo

'Will help prevent many injuries in the long term'

“What an amazing product and from a great team at OrthoSole. My daughter dances many hours a week and at still only 9 I know it is imperative to look after her feet. Her ballet teacher noticed her feet over pronate ( which apparently 95%) of our population have in common. So in order to allow her to continue her level of dance, she advised us to seek advice. So Ronnie and his amazing team, gave her the most amazing service and product knowledge, she is now the proud owner of OrthoSoles.

It was an immediate correction to how she walked, and will only increase and improve all the time. The product is of the highest quality and I cannot praise the service enough. So If you have a child, husband, wife, partner, relative who plays sports / dances to any level, I advise to get them OrthoSoles! They are also great for people in the workplace that are constantly on their feet!! Will help prevent many injuries in the long term. Thanks team OrthoSole.” – Hayley

'I would 100%% recommend to anyone'

“I have suffered from painful feet for a ling time now. I have been wearing a pair of your insoles or a week an within 2 days the pain has already reduced. These are the only insoles that ever eased the pain and were comfortable to wear. I would 100%% recommend to anyone thank you!”

'These have really helped my daughter'

“These have really helped my daughter who was struggling with Plantar Fasciitis and for extra support in her shoes. Would definitely recommend” – Pippa

'The Sliders are brilliant'

The Sliders are brilliant- especially because you can customise them for your own comfort, and it’s straightforward to do. Comfortable for wearing around the house too!” – Janice

'Your OrthoSole insoles are brilliant!'

“Your OrthoSole insoles are brilliant! My mother was advised to use your innersoles by her Orthopaedic Surgeon, due to arthritis and Plantar fasciitis. As soon as she began wearing OrthoSole she noticed a substantial and immediate reduction in the pain in her feet! She not only wears them in outdoor shoes, but has started to wear them at home in her slippers as well! Thank you for your help with our order and for bringing such an effective product to the market.” – Billy

'I would highly recommend to all!'

“I have been suffering with a painful bunion for ages, I would just like to say thank you, these insoles are amazing and really help. I would highly recommend to all!” – Alya

'OrthoSole saved my feet and joints'

“OrthoSole saved my feet and joints on the three peaks climb- only part of my body that didn’t ache! Love em.” – Clare

'Recommend stretches, icing and OrthoSole inserts'

“Had Planar Fasciitis for a year. Painful and boring. Recommend stretches, icing and OrthoSole inserts” – Mike

'Great insoles'

“Great insoles from someone who knows !!!!” – Chris

'Great product and it works'

“Got some more cricket matches coming up and need some more OrthoSole please, great product and it works !” – Flintoff

'OrthoSole in my running shoes'

“Had my first run with OrthoSole in my running shoes, 7.5 miles & felt good, thank you!” – Adam

'They have been absolutely amazing!!'

“I wanted to thank you for your OrthoSole products. They have been absolutely amazing!! Immediately my foot was coaxed into a better position and it helped to alleviate the pain.

'Thank you so much for your help!'

“My sports injury masseuse said it would only take a miracle for me to run in the marathon with my Plantar Fasciitis – well I did, thanks to the OrthoSole! Thank you so much for your help!”- Hayley

'They are really helping!'

“Thank You for the inserts, it was very kind of you to send them on. I have been wearing them non-stop & they are really helping!”- Graham

'Fantastic in helping my joint and back problems'

“OrthoSole which have been fantastic in helping my joint and back problems during this pregnancy especially at work! On visiting my NHS Physio yesterday I took these with me and they loved the product and thought it was ideal for the majority of their patients..” – Sophie

'I have not looked back since wearing them'

“I had an accident in 2008 which left my right foot suffering from neuropathy and slightly deformed toes. After a lot of surgery an orthopaedic surgeon and physiotherapist recommended OrthoSole inside some soft trainers. I have not looked back since wearing them. The soft material and customised support allows me to wear most shoes nowadays.”

'All of my shoes require OrthoSole now!'

“I was a keen runner before the accident and now I’m a keen road cyclist. This year I did the Etape Du Tour in France wearing my OrthoSoles in my cycling shoes. All of my shoes require OrthoSole now!”

'I recently bought my Dad a pair'

“I recently bought my Dad a pair (he’s size 13) and he’s now going to the Gym!”

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