The Insoles


Can an insole be beautiful? Certainly, you don’t see them very often, and they rarely make a bold fashion statement. But, if you consider that even the most luxurious and expensive of shoes can sell your body short with flimsy, poorly conceived insoles, then adding a wonderfully comfortable and supportive insole can be a thing of beauty.

OrthoSole insoles were created to be entirely unique from the standard offerings of uncomfortable, unsupportive, one-size-fits-all insoles that are regularly seen in all types of footwear, from casual to athletic. OrthoSoles are designed to accommodate your specific type of foot and body; the only insole on the market with customizable arch and metatarsal support.

At OrthoSole, we’re continually designing with innovation, performance, functionality and practicality in mind. Our unique Patented designs integrate materials of the highest quality and durability, weaving their complementary layers together in an intelligent structure. With micro- and macro-adjustments working together, the result is the ideal balance of cushioning and support. Simple to adjust, and completely customized.

Supporting our design innovation are top podiatrists, doctors, surgeons and professional athletes who wear test our products and provide invaluable feedback, reflecting their expertise in the principals of biomechanics and podiatry. The result: a proven insole design that maximizes performance, protection, and comfort.