What Makes OrthoSole Unique

We Are Self-customisable

At OrthoSole we understand the unique aspects of your feet and provide you with a Self – Customisable product to suit your needs!

‘Both your Eyes are Different, the same as Both your Feet are Different’

We provide 3 different strength pieces with your OrthoSole Insoles (Firm, Medium and Light) for both your Arch and Metatarsal.

‘The firmest piece possible is best but it has to be comfortable not intrusive’

'The Firmest Piece Possible'

This does not mean we say to always use and only use the firm pieces in the pack on your OrthoSole Insoles.

We provide the 3 different Strengths of support.

You receive 3 different strengths for you to feel what is most comfortable for you.

EXAMPLE: It may be on the Right foot you use a Light and a Medium but on the Left Foot you use a Medium and a Firm. These are the firmest pieces possible for you.

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